SJ Salazar Aponte combines photography and poetry to create a whole new art form: phoetry.

Their art starts with an original photo, which is then run through a typewriter to imprint a poem or word on top. This adds another layer of meaning and juxtaposition for the viewer to interpret in their own way.

We featured SJ’s phoetry in Issue 20 “Combo,” because it fit the theme perfectly. Read ahead to learn more about them.

Photo by Joey Cruz, @cruzpix

I feel like I had an eye for photography and the heart of a poet from a young age. When I’m not making art, you might find me dancing, growing food in the front yard, or working on my #vanlife conversion.

All of my work is a combination of original photographs with a poem or word typed onto them via typewriter.

In many of the pieces, I explore the themes of light and dark. I also use my work as a form of non-binary artist expression.

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