Our ART Club community is filled with amazing creators, makers and doers.

We featured 7 of them in Issue 20 “Combo,” to highlight the work they’ve been putting in to pursue their passions.

These creators capture our Combo theme perfectly. They combine mediums, materials, inspirations and styles to create entirely unique work.

1Brandon Munley

I like to think of my art as a collaboration between my right and left brain.

Combining the organic feel of abstract washes and unrestrained expression, with the detailed reproduction of a whimsical thought. My ever-present goal is to harness those loose ideas that have taken up residency in my brain and expose them to the world. Check out Brandon’s work in person at Art for the People.

See more of Brandon’s art in Issue 19 Make/Do.

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2Kerry Hugins

I am inspired to create to explore mark making and color theory.

I like to stare at flowers which reflect the stars, I have been reincarnated many times and have many more lives to go.

Look for Kerry’s art at the Wildflower Center!

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3Ryan Crawley

My current artwork is influenced by landscapes, animals, and sketch paintings.

I currently reside in West Michigan. I received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting from Western Michigan University.

2020 was an influential year on my artistic journey. I created his first mural titled “Black Anxiety” and created opportunities to work with local organizations.

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4Creekside Studio

Work by Koichi Yamamoto

Fine Art Printmaking Workshop & Creative Space

Creekside Studio was founded by Austin printmakers: Tracy Mayrello, Tina Weitz, Veronica Ceci, Cordelia Blanchard and Jun Wan.

Creekside publishes & editions fine art prints and invites creative collaborations with artists interested in the process of printmaking.

In addition to creating editions with local and internationally recognized artists, Creekside founders also develop their own, unique bodies of work. Learn more about each artist and shop their store at creeksidestudioatx.com.

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5Hallie Rae Ward

I am an artist who creates Pure Art and HRW Designs.

I receive commissions from clients, work with art consultants, participate in shows, and invite people to my art studio.

I am also the Art Business Director at Art for the People Gallery where we showcase 100+ Austin Artists between our exhibitions and artisan market.

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6Braxley Bands

Our new Apple Watch band collection titled The Optimist Capsule is a series of 4 prints that reminds the user to see the good.

The capsule was released exclusively on the Braxley Bands website in late June. For release updates please follow the brand @braxleybands on social media!

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7Red Herring

I work in studio everyday.

Always making something is my lifestyle. When I need motivation I really lean on “the war of art” by Stephen Pressfield.

Pressfield has really mapped a strategy to stay productive. I have the audiobook (read by the author) and I have a copy of the book. I clear my mind and space to invite the muse, I put in the hours no matter what. I schedule a “shift” that

I need to work everyday. Even on vacation or on “days off” I work. I set deadlines for myself and meet them. As Pressfield says, “Let the rewards come or not come.” I know what my work is and it’s my job to do it. The action is a reward in itself.

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