Be “In the Know!” about grant opportunities in the City of Austin!

We want all artists to know about how to connect to opportunities that empower you to learn, grow and succeed as a professional. That’s why we’ve partnered with the City of Austin to provide assistance and spread the word about the Nexus grant.

The Nexus grant is available to new and emerging local small organizations, individual artists, and small arts businesses to produce creative public projects. This is an on-going grant of $5,000, awarded to 50 applicants every 6 months.

Community Amplifier Workshops

As a Community Amplifier for this program, we’ve launched a series of workshops called “In the Know” to help artists with specific sections of the Nexus grant.

Last week, we hosted our second In the Know session about community engagement. We invited a special guest speaker, Miriam Conner, to help us practice active listening and talk about how she’s implemented community engagement techniques for her own projects.

Miriam currently owns Creative Policy where she manages projects and facilitates cultural engagement. She is on the board for Preservation Austin and is a former commissioner on the City of Austin’s African American Quality of Life Commission

Watch or read below as Miriam shares her expertise with us! And don’t miss our future In the Know sessions where we cover new topics like building a budget.

Follow Along to Get More Grant Writing Experience

You can view the entire presentation in English or Spanish to follow along at your own pace.

For the activity, we practiced active listening with a partner. Download the activity in English and/or Spanish to try it yourself!


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