What is a Community Amplifier?

We're partnering with the City of Austin's Cultural Arts Division and Economic Development Department to amplify the outreach about resources and funding opportunities available to artists!

We facilitate workshops and create resources with trusted organizations and professionals to offer a wide range of assistance. We’re here to share opportunities that empower you to learn, grow and succeed.

Current Opportunity


The City of Austin is awarding $250,000 in the form of fifty $5,000 Nexus grants for creative collaboration.

Applications open: July, 2024
For events occurring: October 1st through March 31st, 2024

This initiative is meant to nurture new and emerging applicants by funding creative public projects developed through community activation and collaboration. Nexus applications open every six months, for small organizations, individual artists, and small arts businesses.

Our Mission as a Community Amplifier

At Almost Real Things we’ve spent the last 9 years organically growing our organization and tapping into the art community’s needs and desires.

As artists ourselves, we understand the struggles and gaps in knowledge when it comes to treating your passion as a small business. Everyday we talk to artists, community leaders, organizations and art appreciators to better understand the ecosystem and next steps to take towards sustainability.

As a Community Amplifier, we’re working on a better solution to keep artists engaged, connected and aware of opportunities.

We love Austin and we love the art community. We want to make it easier for creators to succeed.


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