Do you need it? Ehh. Do you want it? Maybe. Will you take it? Yes. Because it’s free.

It got us thinking—at times when people aren’t handing out free stuff for promotional purposes, what else is available for the taking?

With open eyes and a little extra effort, a lot of “necessities” that you may or may not need can be yours. Whether it be for a broke man’s survival kit, an art project, or your hoarding collection, here’s some great free stuff you can find almost anywhere.

Free Stuff - Almost Real Things

Free Stuff - Almost Real Things


Water: Anywhere! (Cite the law) $0
Ice Drink: Dispensers $0
Hot Water: Starbucks $0
Soda Drink: Dispensers (byo cup) $0
Coffee: Most Banks $0
Creamer: Coffee Shops $0
Honey Sticks: Starbucks $0
Sugar: Chipotle (Real Raw), In N Out (Real), Starbucks (Splenda) $0
Salt & Pepper: In N Out, Costco, Restaurants $0
Parmesan & Red Pepper: Costco, Pizza Places $0
Ketchup: In N Out, Burger Joints $0
Mustard: Costco $0
Relish: Costco $0
Chopped Onions: Costco $0
Long Onions: BBQ Joints $0
Bread: BBQ Joints $0
Pickles: BBQ Joints $0
Saltine Crackers: Market Soup/Salad Bar $0
BBQ Sauce: BBQ Joints $0
Hot Sauce: BBQ Joints, Taco Bell $0
Tabasco: Chipotle $0
Salsa Mexican: Places $0
Lemon Slices: Chipotle, In N Out $0
Lime Slices: Freebird’s $0
Dumdums: Chase Bank, Wells Fargo $0
Samples: Costco, Market Deli, Bakery $0


Soap: Any Bathroom (BYO Bottle) $0
Shampoo & Conditioner: Gyms, Hotel Cleaning Carts $0
Lotion: Bath & Body Works $0
Sanitizing Hand Wipes: Market Entrances $0
Makeup Sponges, Q-Tips, Perfume Testers: Mall, Sephora $0
Heart Rate & Blood Pressure: CVS, Wallgreens $0


Toothpicks: Mid-Level Restaurants $0
Stir Sticks: Chipotle, In N Out, Coffee Shops $0
Straws: Fast Food Restaurants $0
Cups, Lids: Fast Food Restaurants $0
Forks, Spoons, Knives: Fast Food Restaurants, Market Soup/Salad Bar, Panda Express $0
Napkins: Fast Food Restaurants $0
Plastic Bags: Markets $0
Twist Ties: Markets $0
Cans & Bottles: Recycling Bins $0
Magazines: Library, Waiting Rooms $0
Books: Library, Book Exchanges $0
Pens: Banks, Restaurants $0


Scratch Paper: Fliers $0
Cardboard Boxes: Behind Markets $0
Kindling: Hiking Trails $0
Pallets: Behind Markets, Home Depot $0
Coins: On the Ground, Fountains $0
Sand: Beach $0
Rocks: Rivers $0
Couches & TVs: Side of the Road $0
Random: Craigslist $0

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