Alex Doty: Doofy Drawings of Cute, Doofy Things

Local illustrator Alex Doty likes hoppy beer, goofy cats, alliteration and you! (According to her. I haven’t met you yet so I can’t say but I’m sure you’re a nice person).

Alex draws inspiration from the the weirdness of the world, and of course her internal quirkiness as well. Her work is full of character and humor—her recent series portrays chubby pin-ups. Some even combine elements of humans and animals. We were drawn to the surprise element of her art… you never know what she is going to come up with, but it will always be uniquely “adoods.”

Alex was featured in our double issue 03 & 04. She has also contributed illustrations for “Drinks By Genre” in issue 03 & 04 and “Anxiety Land” in issue 05. See more on her website, print shop or Instagram!


Alex Doty - Yeah Buddy
Yeah Buddy


Alex Doty - TV Retirement
TV Retirement
Alex Doty - Scruffy
Alex Doty - Thieves


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