Can the internet solve every problem? Perhaps, but at what cost to your creative freedom?

Like many other artists I often quickly turn to the internet for finding answers, ordering supplies and outsourcing projects that I just do not know how to complete. However after speaking with Jason Ake, owner of Plotter Pro, I have a better solution. “Don’t you want to be in control of your creation from start to finish?” he asked. Yes I do.

In 2003, with only a few hundred dollars and a disdain for the impersonal atmosphere of his previous printing jobs, Jason began working out of his garage in East Austin with the goal to one day run the most successful wide-format printing company in the US. He would buy broken printers on Ebay and make YouTube videos showing how to repair them while working tirelessly marketing this business he believed in. “If you set small goals, then they will remain small,” Jason said, “so I had to set larger, even unattainable ones.”

With a lot of passion, research and a newly developed coffee addiction, Jason opened Plotter Pro, selling, renting, repairing and most importantly educating people on how to use wide-format printers and supplies. “There is a misconception that printing is too difficult and complicated, which is why many people turn to the internet to print their projects,” Jason explains, “but it’s as simple as clicking a button.” Everyone knows CTRL +P or
CMD + P right?

Unlike these websites, Plotter Pro does not just want to sell you something then disappear. “We’re as involved in your process as you are.” Laura Penney, Director of Marketing, explains. The success stories from clients (now considered family) contribute to their creative and passionate atmosphere.

“We’re as involved in your process as you are.”

Jason and Laura have big plans to become further involved in the Austin art and design community. They’re passionate about making sure artists have complete creative control over their work. This was the clear focus of their July seminar at the Art Austin Membership Meeting, hosted by Art Alliance Austin. They continue to host demonstrations of their products and have even begun “Free Print Wednesdays” at their office to prove the simplicity of finishing your process.

They have recently launched a new website,, a one stop shop for anything and everything to help you with your wide-format printing needs. In addition, Jason continues to run Creation Station, a successful design and printing retailer with the same catered and considerate customer service. “We’re invested in your success,” Jason reiterates, from concept to creation.


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