Gage Kelsey’s Funky Fresh Organic Visual Love

When I asked Gage to give some advice to aspiring artists he kept it simple: Just start.

It sounds easy but it’s often the hardest first step to take. Gage is always creating and collaborating with fellow artists. From murals, to skateboards to picnic tables, he finds a way to make something inspiring out of everything. Gage incorporates natural elements into a lot of his pieces like rocks, gems and even animal skulls. I like to think of his style as ethereal with a space age twist. He recently got accepted into The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art where he plans to pursue and refine his artistic skills.

Gage appeared in our double issue 03 & 04 and we’re stoked to have interviewed him for issue 05 about his Creative Intentions. See more on his website, Instagram or Facebook.


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