You just know when brisket is perfectly done. The scent of slightly charred meat, salt, pepper and spice infused with the smoke of live oak hangs unmistakably in the air.

The brisket is skillfully cut against the grain to reveal the trademark pink ring with a perfectly tender interior. There’s no need to use your knife as it falls apart easily with your fork. Rub those burnt ends in spicy sauce and savor it melting in your mouth. While it seems straightforward, smoking a brisket takes sleepless nights and a combination of patience and subtlety. Much like our infamous brisket, the best business ideas in Austin develop over time with constant heat and diligence.


Meat is your Idea

It’s precious—the foundation of your business. While of critical importance, some think it’s easy once you have the idea. But we know better. An idea is just the start. Only with proper execution does it turn into a noteworthy project. Do nothing and it’s sure to spoil. How do you turn it into the end product you envision?

Start with the Marinade

Let your idea soak for a while. Think about it. Plan it out. Your secret rub imbues it with a unique flavor to break down the tough parts. Some choose to be spicy and bold, others more subtly nuanced. How you flavor your idea initially is directly reflected in the end result.

Wood is Work

It takes work to generate the energy to transform ideas into action. It takes more than you initially think. You can’t do it all at once so the key is to keep at it consistently over time.

Fire is Motivation

Fire ignites your work. It’s your inspiration, momentum and the reason for doing what you are doing. While elusive and unpredictable, it’s also extremely powerful. Once set, fire takes a life of it’s own to spread and activate others.

The Smoker is your Environment

How do you capture all the energy that goes into your idea? That’s your work environment. Be mindful of how and where you set up. If it’s too tight without a good flow your fire will be smothered. If too loose, a great deal of energy is needlessly lost and your idea will waste away.

Results seem Inevitable

It’s easy, after tasting that perfect bite of BBQ, to take for granted all the planning and work that went into it. Your finished project will seem similar. To others, it doesn’t seem difficult and it was inevitable all along. But you know what it takes. Now get things smoking—Bon appétit!


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