Virtual Vacation is our version of a festival. It’s mock variety show meets real life concert meets an art party. It’s our way to take a break from reality. And we want you to come with us.

I’ll sum up the first Virtual Vacation with a series of phrases and let you put the puzzle together:

Are you getting it? These things all happened during our first Virtual Vacation. And somehow, it made sense.

What is a Virtual Festival?

The Virtual Vacation series is our attempt to emulate the festival experience. You know, where one minute you’re dancing under a tent filled with endless lasers and the next you’re just chilling with friends in the grass.

To accomplish this, we made our virtual ventures a place where you can experience music, art, workshops and performances all at the same time while also participating as an audience member. The zoom room is a place where viewers and performers can be together all night. You can dance, chat, ask questions and compare notes on your favorite acts.

The VIP companion box serves as a physical guide to immerse you even further. It’s the merch counter, meet & greet, bar, and food court all in one package. You don’t exactly know what you’re supposed to do with some of the supplies until the event is happening. And then, poof, it has a meaning. It’s the magical feeling of connection.

Virtual Vacation 01 Recap

Our fellow vacationers had plenty to say about their first time around. They took a chance with us as their guides and embraced the trip.

“We appreciate all the work guys. We need more representation for local artists, musicians, filmmakers, local businesses & non-profits!” Daniel Ayala

“That was an amazing, well thought out and produced Vacation. It was nice to tune out from the normal and enjoy art, music and the mini documentaries.” Todd Dubbeld

“This turned out really cool! I loved meeting and seeing everyone’s work.” Kimberly Grau

What can I expect from the next Virtual Vacation?

We want our vacations with you to continue. That’s why we’re hosting another event on Saturday, March 6th from 6-9pm CST.

This time we’re hitting the dance floor with performances by Dossey, Mike Melinoe and Easy Compadre! You can also try your hand at printmaking with a workshop hosted by the artists from PrintAustin.

You’ll also be inspired after listening to stories from Marcella Colavecchio and Mariah Howard as they show you how they turned their passions into art careers. And to top it off, we will be there the whole time, sharing behind-the-zines content and talking with the performers.

It’s a show you can’t miss. But why would you want to? RSVP for free or get the full experience by purchasing a VIP companion box. We can’t wait to vacation with you!


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