Painter & Illustrator Brandon Munley has made his way to Austin.

Born in Michigan but raised in San Francisco, he lived in Chicago and Long Beach before finding a place in Austin last year.

Now, Brandon is giving his art 100%. In addition to focusing on commissions, he recently completed a graphic poem with accompanying illustrations.

His art, like his process, is a balance between the organic, abstract and whimsical. That’s the only way to reach his goal of “harnessing those loose ideas that have taken up residency in my brain and expose them to the world.”

Check out Brandon’s work in the Artist Spotlight of Issue 19 “Make/Do”.

Brandon Munley, Painter

The beauty of the Make/Do theme is, at least in my eye, is it encompasses artist of all forms. From my experience the biggest struggle we all have is loving our own work throughout the entire process and pressing on can be a huge hill to climb sometimes.

My mantra to combat this is, “I get to do this.”

Left: Making Pigs Fly, Right: The Boy Who Would be Parrot

I remind myself that drawing in my room at 12 and drawing now is no different, there might be some anxiety about a deadline or “will someone buy this?” but at its core nothing has really changed, so “I get to do this.”

My inspiration is the thousands of ideas that seem to be rolodexing around my head at any given moment. I probably have more half finished drawings and/or paintings than ones I’ve ever finished. Another idea always seems to find its way to the forefront of my brain, and I need to get that down before it fades into the ether.

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