Printmaker and poet Jayson Sol is infatuated with anatomy and philosophy.

He creates each of his unique pieces through a process of linocut printmaking. This consists of carving into a linoleum surface mounted onto a wooden block, to create a relief of the design once it is printed.

This type of printmaking catches every cut you make, which creates bold and highly contrasted images like Jayson’s that were featured in Issue 19 “Make/Do.”

We explored the art of printmaking last year in our collaboration issue with Print Austin for their annual conference, so we were very excited to feature Jayson in the new issue.

What motivates my printmaking is a love of the craft.

The movements and aesthetics that are indicative of the style. The imagery I create through it is influenced much from reading philosophy and trying to visualize the ideas that are expressed in the text.

The poetry I write is influenced from daily life. The utterly mundane that has a unique and subtle beauty to be found in it. Through both art forms, I find the strength to persevere through hard times mentally and emotionally.

I hope my work helps others to find inspiration in themselves and to find the beauty that is ever present in our world.

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