Transmedia artist Marcus “Delmar” Clarke elevates mundane materials by combining them with light and sound.

He’s fixated on transforming everyday objects–like rocks, dirt, cinder blocks and construction materials–into ethereal works of art.

His faith (and doubts within that faith) drives his practice, revolving around the pursuit of life to the full in mind, body, and spirit.

We featured Delmar’s transformative work in Issue 19 “Make/Do.”


This sounds weird and even a little vain, but I am a person obsessed with novelty.

My favorite drink is coffee, I do CrossFit daily, I love to snowboard and I have an icebath in my garage that I take a dunk in daily.

My autonomic nervous system and I have a really great relationship. It makes sense that my art has learned that way too.

Tierra Luz

I create installations that approach the novel, the ethereal and the sublime, but emerging from the most mundane of materials.

Simple elements like rocks and wood, things that you probably encounter every day, I put that next to something that is novel like LED lights that react to the sound of your voice or a massive video wall.

It serves as a reminder for your life, that it can be something amazing, even holy, in the middle of what is seemingly mundane.

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