Amanda Witucki found her voice through the medium of paper.

The simplicity and malleable nature of paper drew her in. By playing with color, texture, and repetition she creates installations and sculptural pieces that defy the typical use of the modest medium.

Her work, featured in the Artist Spotlight of Issue 19 “Make/Do” exemplifies her belief, “that some of the most impressive art can be created from simple objects and techniques but multiplied hundredfold.”

I love how approachable paper is.

It’s inexpensive, easy to manipulate, but with the right skill can create truly intricate and massive design. It also involves no technology.

Orange Juice After Toothpaste

Even during the Texas Snowpocalypse in 34 degree weather in my small apartment, I was still able to fold and create work. During that nightmare we all lived through, I created an icy colored paper painting called “Don’t Call me Shirley.”

Be Nice to the Forest

I move quickly and I like to challenge myself with quick deadlines. During the last month, I’ve created 4 new paintings, a large-scale paper installation, and a complete line of small paper goods.

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