Sarala Kasbe uses her abstract paintings to create a sense of belonging.

Painting has helped her find her voice in a world that can at times be intimidating to experience alone.

Through her art shared in Issue 21 “Be Cause,” Sarala hopes to help others find light in their own world.

On the Edge

I create to find a sense of purpose and self-compassion.

Paint is the one constant I hold onto to keep moving forward and connect with all external surroundings. It’s an emotional and impactful experience; I find myself in the studio when I need to express something inside that cannot be successfully communicated in any other way.

This form of creation has saved me in every way.


I hope to impact others to find their own voice through the darkness. Love and light will be on the other end, sometimes walls of anxiety and depression have to be torn down first to get there.

My message is to speak truth through frustration and to act with no rules or boundaries to fully find oneself – allowing beauty to emerge from pain.

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