Felipe Gomez brings animals to life through his intricate woodcut scultpures.

Over the past two years, he’s been on the path to pursuing art full time. Since then he has built an art studio, quit his corporate job and continued perfecting his beautifully crafted sculptures.


Read more about Felipe below and view their work in print in Issue 22 “Something New.”

After quitting my job two years ago and pursuing art I have been hyper-focused on my sculptural wood-layered pieces, oil painting, and murals.

My work is not something that many are doing in the art scene. I am a painter, but I also create these very intricately cut wood-layered pieces. They are very unique and tell a story on their own. I try to mix my painting, drawing, and wood skills to create something very unique that people don’t see very often.

Divine Edification

I use a laser cutter to cut my sheets of wood, use stain, and paint to create different effects. I try to always reuse different slabs of wood that I have and try to make smaller pieces out of scraps.

I am enamored by perspective and the tricks it can play on our brains. I have always wanted to create something epic, different, lasting, and impactful and I want to have an impact with my work.


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