David Munoz, aka DASE, expresses himself through bold, graphic illustrations.

It’s his way to discover new interpretations and new worlds.

David, who is from a small artistic town in Colombia, now creates his colorful graphic designs in Austin.

We featured his bright, beautiful work in Issue 19 “Make/Do” and learned more about what inspires David to make.

David Munoz, Designer & Illustrator

What inspires me is the fact of being here, present, developing translations of thoughts that are very hard to explain with just words. The intangible things that exist every day but nobody will get, until they see or feel the energy.

It’s what triggers that connection with other brains, that motivates me. That action will build and grow an extra meaning of any concept created to extend that energy through their beliefs and existence.


When that’s done, the meaning grows and it can be explained to different views or media. This, the inclusive value of sensations, inspires me to create and feel these extra interpretations that probably were never shown.


Art expression pushes us to create meaningful prospects from small sparks, multiplying their value.

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