Austin-based muralist and musician Cryptic can put his art on anything.

From skateboards to empty walls, Cryptic is leaving his art all over the city.

Read more about Cryptic below and view their work in print in Issue 22 “Something New.”

I usually paint or create using acrylics, spray paint, or house paint on canvases, walls, wood, or even recycled boxes.

Depending on where I am, an idea can lead me to create with whatever is at my disposal. I have repurposed skateboards to combine my love of skate culture and bright color combinations into my new “Board to Death” piece.


I have also repurposed trash and boxes into my “Out of the Box” piece to remind myself and others of the following: Find your own canvas. If you can not fine one, create one. Create something beautiful, disect it, make better, create chaos, find beauty in the chaos, and make something meaningful.

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