Drink while you listen.

Words: Mahsa Madani

Drinking is fun. Music is life. Let’s combine them with these 100% original drink recipes based on music that are sure to get you in the mood! Although we don’t recommend it, be sure to let us know if you attempt any of these cocktails in real life and say what you were listening to at the moment. Good luck!

Pro tip: all music is drinking music if you drink while you listen. We also found another website called Drinkify that suggests drinks based on the music you are listening to.

Drinks by Genre: The Free-form (Jazz Drink)The Free-form


Leave the counting to the musicians: liberal freehand pours of gin and tequila over rocks. It will make your walk out of the Jazz Club look like a performance.

Illustration: Zachary Zulch (@crackarymulch)


Drinks by Genre: The Baby Maker (Blues Drink)The Baby Maker


Coke & Rum on the bearskin rug by the fireplace of your cabin vacation rental. Shimmying woman in a gold bikini required. Inhibitions optional.

Illustration: Alex Doty (@adoods)


Drinks by Genre: Funky Mary (Funk Music Drink)Funky Mary


Bloody Mary with a sugar rim, topped with a poached quail egg. Drizzle hollandaise sauce. Top with a dash of cayenne. Now that’s funky. And I want brunch.

Illustration: Alex Doty (@adoods)


Drinks by Genre: Blood of Christ (Christian Rock Music Drink)Blood of Christ

Christian Rock

Soak a communion wafer in red wine and dissolve in your mouth. Repeat until ashamed. Chase the devil from your soul with a splash of fruit punch.

Illustration: Hilary Fitzgerald (@cartoonsbyhilary)


Drinks by Genre: The Slap Your Mama (Bluegrass Music Drink)The Slap Your Mama


Moonshine distilled and served out of your banjo case. Grab your band mates and gather ’round the campfire, but be sure to resist the urge to break out into song—only because you left your banjo in the case. Bottoms up!

Illustration: Hilary Fitzgerald (@cartoonsbyhilary)


Drinks by Genre: Jagermoshter (Metal Music Drink)Jagermoshter


Drop a shot of Jagermeister into a glass of beer. Make sure the shot glass breaks on impact. Chug and throw.

Illustration: Akki Brathwaite (@by_akki)


Drinks by Genre: The O.D. (Grunge Music Drink)The O.D.


Shot of red bull vodka out of a heroin needle. Discard needle after use. Always practice sanitation.

Illustration: Akki Brathwaite (@by_akki)


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